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A child’s relationships and interactions with the important adults in his or her life have a great impact on their early brain development and ongoing learning. For most children, family members are the primary caregivers who provide this important foundation. When children enter preschool programmes, strong partnerships between home and school can support positive family relationships and promote learning at home.

Often though, there is a misperception that exists between teachers and parents as to what each party can and should expect from each other. More than that though – one often finds that, within a multi-cultural environment, communication issues may impede in the day-to-day running of a nursery of preschool when parents are not properly appraised of what the school is trying to achieve.


The purpose of this workshop is to equip teachers and assistant teachers with some tools and techniques about how to address parents and how to promote dialogue between parents and the nursery or kindergarten, in a way that will ensure that parents are properly appraised of what the school is trying to do, but also so that there may not be unrealistic expectations on both sides. The ultimate aim is to ensure that the child is nurtured in a proper and caring fashion by all important parties in her or his life.


There are not formal requirements. A good command of the English language is required.


  • What is proper communication with parents all about?
  • How to communicate, and when.
  • Topics to communicate on.
  • Sensitivities and how to handle these.
  • The importance of having a proper policy environment in place.


1.        Instruction by an expert facilitator.

2.        Workshop materials.

3.        Certificate of completion.

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