Why Choose Educare?

At Educare, we focus on exceptional training standards across all aspects of the early years sector.  Our specialist training team are highly skilled and have a wealth of experience to assist you with all your training, career progression and continuing professional development needs.

  • 99% of our candidates achieve their qualification and a lot of them wish to progress on to advanced qualifications.

  • We use an innovative E-learning platform which gives learners access to lesson contents, free resources, progress tracking and assessors feedback.

  • We offer the biggest range of teacher training courses and early childhood workshops in Qatar.

  • We are accredited by one of the leading UK Awarding bodies to deliver their qualifications.

  • We have state of the art facilities, spacious training halls equipped with smart boards and projectors.

  • All of this plus a range of added value services makes Educare Training the perfect choice for all your training needs.