TypeOnsite Course
PriceQR 700


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What is the Course About?

Previously and for many years, students struggling in their academics were ignored by many societies. They were pulled out of educational systems, because they could not catch up with the pace of instruction in classrooms. This course serves the goal of equal learning opportunities by assisting instructors in getting to know the various difficulties that students face or fall into. Consequently, amendments can be made to help students with learning difficulties overcome their disabilities.

The course is aimed at instructors of all subjects and at all levels.

Course Outline

The course has the following outcomes:

  • Be able to define a learning difficulty.
  • Be able to recognize types of learning difficulties.
  • Be able to identify signs of each type of learning difficulties.
  • Be able to provide accommodations for students with learning difficulties.
  • Be able to use different strategies while instruction to help struggling students in their academics during class sessions.


  • Instruction by an expert facilitator.
  • Course materials.
  • Educare Certificate of Completion.

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