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Course Introduction

Planning is essential for effective lesson plans. Comprehensive lesson plans are those that include all the stages and elements of a lesson plan and those that can secure the grasping of objectives by students.

This course will assist teachers in preparing detailed lesson plans that will eventually result in the betterment of class sessions.

Course description:

This course would assist teachers in preparing comprehensive lesson plans that enable their students to grasp intended objectives.

Course outline:

  • Who are effective teachers?
  • What is planning? Why is planning important?
  • What are the types of planning?
  • What does a good lesson plan include?
  • What stages does it consist of?

Course objectives:

  • Define planning and determine its significance.
  • Identify types of planning.
  • Identify the stages and elements of a lesson plan.
  • Prepare a lesson plan.

Course outcome:

Teachers will receive a number of tips that will support them while preparing lesson plans.

Who should attend:

Instructors of all levels and subjects

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