CACHE Level 3 Qualification for the Early Years Workforce (Early Years Educator) (QCF)


This qualification is designed to help you become an Early Years Educator. The course will enable you to work with and care for children from birth to 5 years and gain knowledge of children aged 5-7 years.

Learners who complete this program:

  • Will gain a level 3 CACHE qualification.
  • Will be able to work as an early year’s teacher or class leader.
  • Will gain the knowledge of children aged birth to 7 years.

Course Outlines

The course consists of 23 units that are grouped within the following 4 main themes:
Theme 1: Health and Well-Being.
Theme 2: Legislation, Frameworks and Professional Practice.
Theme 3: Development and Learning for School Readiness.
Theme 4: Professional Development.

Entry Requirements

  • There are no formal entry require- ments for this course, but experience working in an early year’s setting, or a relevant Level 2 qualification, is advisa- ble.
  • Good command of basic English, older than 16 years of age and access to a rel- evant childcare setting as a volunteer (if no previous relevant experience) is important.
  • Learners should have a laptop, internet connection and an email account.

Hours of Study

You should allow for approximately 486 hours study time, additional time for vol- unteering or working in a setting and suf- ficient time for completing assignments.

Exams and Assessment

You will have to create an online portfolio of evidence, consisting of learning plans, written tasks, and discussions. You will also undertake two longitudinal studies, one for a child under 36 months of age, and the other for a child over 36 months of age. Both studies will conclude with direct observation in the workplace.

Additional information

To achieve this qualification, you will need to gain 61 credits by completing the mandatory units.
You will complete this course by using our online learning system. This system will make submitting of your assign- ments, activities and direct feedback from your tutor, straightforward and en- joyable.
The system is easy to use and all the work you complete is recorded in your learner profile on an online portfolio.
This course requires you to have a regu- lar work placement (or long term volun- teering opportunity) in an appropriate childcare setting or settings.

Duration of the Course

The duration of the course is 12-14 months.

The Fees of the Course

Fees are 21000 QAR (3000 Registration +12 post dated cheqes, each month 1500 QAR